Seductive Scenes | 11 Seductive Movie Scenes for Your Viewing Pleasure.
11 Seductive Movie Scenes for Your Viewing Pleasure.

Admit it or not: We all have shut the door of our rooms just to watch an erotic movie. It is really common among the people of our generation. And it’s completely normal. Even if you don’t know the movie, you happen to search for the seductive scenes of the movie on Google or YouTube. Just to see if your friend, who suggested you, was right.

So, my dear friends, we are here to make the searching work easier for you. Here’s a list of 11 such seductive sex movie clips that can provide you the maximum viewing pleasure.

But, wait…!! Don’t forget to close the door before you start.

1. Below Her Mouth:

So, the first on the list is a Netflix movie named Below Her Mouth. If you are into steamy lesbian romance, then this is the one for you. Above all, the scene in the above clip is quite close to porn, just the thing you wanted.

2. Beyond the Lights:

Do you like love stories? If you do, the above clip is from such a modern-day love story. Moreover, the clip has some horny scenes between a hot new artist and a young police officer. Just play the clip and enjoy.

3. The Lucky One:

Here comes The Lucky One. Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, it is a total tear-jerker. Moreover, the above sex scene is…..what to say….amazing. Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling were great in portraying the hot and seductive scenes.

4. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

Who hasn’t watched this movie? You can click on the above clip to see the romantic scene of the epic couple, Edward and Bella. Enjoy the clip.

5. Mulholland Drive:

The amazing movie, Mulholland Drive, received a lot of praise when it released back them. Laura Harring and Naomi Watts were amazing in their lovemaking scene as Rita snd Betty.

6. The Notebook:

The above scene is from the movie The Notebook. The years of frustrations came out from both the characters, Allie and Noah, in this scene. And also, the really intense and hot seductive scenes of the couple.

7. Gone Girl:

So, in the movie, Amy Dunne is trying to seduce Desi Collings to have sex. Which is what happens in the sex clip above. It gets hot really quick.

8. The Shape of Water:

This American fantasy movie, The Shape of Water, has the impossible thing possible. An ancient fish-man alien creature was shown to have sex with a human. You can watch the clip to answer your “How is that possible?” face.

9. Unfaithful:

The above sex scene is from the movie Unfaithful. This scene clearly showed what Connie Sumner did within the bathroom stall with her young lover Paul Martel during a bathroom break.

10. Monster’s Ball:

This sex scene clearly shows how asking for consent is a cool thing. Just like Hank asked Leticia for her consent before he went down on her. Isn’t it amazing, guys?

11. Blue is the Warmest Color:

The movie Blue is the Warmest Color has an iconic lesbian love-making scene. Which is what you can see in the above clip. It can totally warm you up on a cold lonely night. Click and enjoy the clip.

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