Is India right in sheltering Rohingyas


“India’s refugee policy is an example for the rest of the world to follow.” Antonio Guterres had thus praised India back in 2013. Seven years later India crossing China in terms of population, facing issues of increasing unemployment and poverty, being the refugee capital of the world would not prove quite appropriate for the nation. For years, India has been proclaimed as tolerant in terms of being secular and preserving social harmony. However, that never indicates India’s borders to be previous and wipe out any sorts of concerns linked with security. Keeping the humanitarian grounds aside when it comes to sheltering the Rohingyas, we cannot overlook the fact that their history has a close association with terrorism.

Is India right in sheltering Rohingyas

India and her past with refugees

According to official sources, India shelters nearly 2, 03,383 refugees which even include a population of ill-mental health. While a part of that population is now well settled and provides for them, the other half is still maintained by the government. Before the independence, Jews and Parsis were welcomed in India. McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh is the hub for Tibetan refugees in India who even maintain a government of their own and function. India also protected Bengalis from escaping during the Bangladesh Liberation War when they were mercilessly being killed by the Pakistani army. During the Soviet-Afghan war in 1979, refugees fled to India. Pakistani Hindu refugee settlements are in numbers in the north and north-west border of India. In several time periods, people from far China, Myanmar, Palestine or Somalia have also come and stayed back in India. Even the western part of India, blocked by the Arabian Sea is not free from foreign migration. In Goa, there is a recognizable amount of people belonging to Russian community.

Is India right in sheltering Rohingyas
Afghan refugees in Delhi protest. Source:

The current situation in India: Rohingyas

With a bursting population of her own, the refugee population in India is creating an extra burden on the nation’s economic growth and financial sustainability. India has so far been liberal in terms of allowing migration, allowing long stay visa permit or work visa permits to refugees. However, considering the current situation similar sheltering cannot be provided to the Rohingya Muslim community of Myanmar. Indian constitution has ample scope to allow refugees to seek shelter within the territory of the nation under articles 14 and 21. Already about 30,000 Rohingyas have been given the permission to settle in Jammu. However, this has not been well accepted by the Hindus of the area who have accused it to be a conspiracy to cause an imbalance to the demography of that place. The question that remains is that with increasing poverty amongst the people in this country, how is India going to feed additional 30,000 months and more to come? Leaders who have been accusing the central government of being inhuman have not surely considered this side of the tale. Also, riots have turned quite frequent since the time India was made secular. Now, allowance of refugees within the country having a terrorist place is how right a choice is yet to be analyzed in the recent future.

Is India right in sheltering Rohingyas
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