Donald Trump Calls Out No Events On King Martin Luther Junior Day

There is again yet big news from the United States and from the acts of Donald Trump. This year Trump has not announced any such event to celebrate in the honor of Martin Luther King Junior. It is said that about three days in advance in one of his speeches, Trump addressed the nation to follow the dream of the King. He advised the citizen to commit towards service to others and to the nation.

So, it is not clear what exactly he wishes to do, whether there will be any kind of public events arranged or not. As of now, the events to be followed by Trump himself are also not clear. Normally, the public schedule that is issued by the White House does not contain all the details and hence this is quite difficult to say whether there are any such events scheduled or not. To have an estimated idea, last year Trump was golfing in Florida on this day. So, this is quite difficult to say whether he will follow the same path as of last year or will do something new in the public interest.



On this sort of confusion, finally, Mike Pence, the vice president of the nation has spoken out in support of Trump. Taking out a phrase from Dr. King, he quoted: ‘Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy’. He described Trump as a great leader who has changed the nation. He also added that Trump has been working continuously to make it even more perfect than before.

There are a number of commitments that the vice president has made on this occasion on behalf of Donald Trump such as that of securing the borders, moving the nation even more forward, and so on. Reminding one of the commitments of Trump, Mike mentioned again that there will be a discussion on immigration reform soon.


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