Queensland Strawberry Needle Tampering Case: Metal Detectors Aid of Strawberry Growers

Queensland Strawberry Needle Tampering Case: Metal Detectors Aid of Strawberry Growers

Strawberries are not only good to look at but also great at the taste and this is the reason it is all time in demand. Whether you like it as a fruit or consume it in some other form, it is a favorite for many. There are some specific places across the world where you can get organic strawberries because they need a typical climate and weather condition to grow. Among these many places, Australia is one such place, where you can get great strawberries.

But recently, a contamination crisis has come out because of which the strawberry growers are in great distress. As per the reports, there is a person or a group who injects contaminated needles in the strawberries while they are on their plants. The incident of strawberry needle started with one supplier of strawberries in Queensland’s northern state. Soon, police came across more than 100 such reports.

The Investigation

The investigation is going on and the police are also investigating with other fruits such as bananas and apples too. In the meanwhile, many of the stores are pulling down strawberries coming from the Australian suppliers. Some of the biggest brands of strawberries such as Love Berry, Oasis, Berry Licious, Donnybrook Berries, Delightful Strawberries, and Berry Obsession are also not available in the supermarkets.

This is a huge loss for the strawberry suppliers as well as a disappointment for the strawberry lovers. Recently, the Queensland Government has put up a reward of about $100,000 for the person who can bring in information about the responsible culprits. Though a young man has been also caught, who is admitting the offenses, more investigation is going on to get hold of the correct source.

By the time the whole matter is solved out, the Health Ministry has advised strawberry lovers & other people also to cut the fruits to pieces before eating for safety purpose.

Steps Taken By the Strawberry Growers

The Police are on its way to get hold of the culprits. Meanwhile, the strawberry growers are also doing their bit to take care of their fruits. They are now taking help of the metal detectors in order to keep their fruits away from such contaminated needles.

The incident started from Queensland and now it has spread out to almost all of Australia. The strawberry growers are stressed because it is the harvest season. Meanwhile, one of the methods that the growers have chosen to protect their fruits is with metal detectors.

As per the growers, the metal detectors will alert out when someone tries to inject a needle in the fruit. The growers are buying such metal detectors for their farm along with other products such as pesticides. The crisis has grown to such an extent that the growers are ready to pay as much as about $20,000 to get a metal detector for their strawberry farm.
An Auckland strawberry grower has paid more $20,000 to install metal detectors at his farm. He says he doesn’t want to take any risks.

It is an alarming incident that is going on lately. It is affecting so many strawberry growers and suppliers and berry lovers. The police & ministry is hopeful to get hold of the culprit soon. This can get things to smooth once again.


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